Student Government elects new senators, discusses bills for FATAL Frisbee



Three candidates were elected senators during the Franciscan University Student Government meeting Feb. 3.

Senior Daniel Kim was elected with a 9-0 vote and sophomore Ben Idzik was elected with five votes.

The last two candidates, sophomores Adam Basinger and Will Blackley, were tied, which meant the decision was left in the hands of Vice President Christian Ferris. Basinger was given the final spot.

Members of Student Government had many great things to say about the candidates and voiced their complete support for each of them.

Regarding Basinger, Sen. Gabriel Gessler said, “He is a phenomenal colleague. He has the utmost integrity, and you won’t have a better senator.”

The candidates introduced themselves with confidence, making the decision a tough one.

“There has to be a willingness to work together,” said Idzik. “I am willing to work with you guys.”

Kim said, “I’ve been involved in numerous clubs. I’ve been coming to all formal and informal meetings just out of pure interest.”

Both Sen. Daniel Smith and Sen. Sarah Sperduto agree that Kim is eligible for the position as a fellow senator.


Prior to having the election, the Student Government covered three bills. Spring bill #6, titled “Allocation of Funds to Franciscan FATAL,” was for the ultimate Frisbee team’s layout pig-out.

The sum added up to $25 for the bid. Recognizing that the tournament is going to have a high level of competition, the team is already paying for gas and food and additional fundraising will take place.

The second bill was also an allocation to Franciscan FATAL. The amount was $1500 for FATAL’s D-III Eastern Tournament as well as lodging, recognizing that it is the largest D-III tournament besides nationals.

“I think this is a wise expenditure,” said Smith. “I see no reason why we shouldn’t spend the money.”

The breakdown of costs is five rooms for two nights with rooms costing $150 per night.

The third bill was a reallocation of funds for FATAL of $900.

“FATAL is one of our best clubs,” said Sperduto, in support of the cause.

The funds were leftover from FATAL’s January and March budgets toward rental vans for the D-III Eastern Tournament. The breakdown of costs is $774 for two 12-passenger vans and an extra $126 for other possible expenses.

Updated 2/7/16 at 7:05 p.m.: It was originally published that Brendan Haynes was also elected to to the senate, which is incorrect. The story has been updated to reflect the accurate information. We apologize for this error.

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