Student Government elects new vice president


Franciscan University Student Government met on March 25 to appoint a new vice president and to allocate funds for final exam study hours, a nursing students retreat and a Poverty Cure video showing.

On March 14, Isaac Foldi, vice president of Student Government, stepped down from his position due to time conflicts.

President Brian Kirby appointed senior senator Chris Beatty as the new vice president, and the legislative body approved the appointment. He was sworn in and served as the chair of the Student Government meeting.

Spring Bill 31 allocated $600 to Student Government for the purpose of organizing exam study hours during finals week.

Members of Student Government agreed that for the past two semesters, the program has been successful with positive responses from the students. The bill passed unanimously.

Spring Bill 32 was a request to allocate $93 to support nursing students on their junior study retreat. About 12 to15 nursing majors were expected to attend; the money would be used to cover food and drinks. The bill passed with one senator opposing the bill.

Finally, Spring Bill 33 was presented to allocate $306 to the Acton Society to purchase pizzas for the showing of the “Poverty Cure” DVD series.

At the end of the meeting, David Schmiesing, vice president of Student Life and adviser to the Student Government, provided an update on some of the university’s future plans and visions. The capital campaign, dormitory renovations and Green Strip project were mentioned with more official information to be released in the future.