Student government funds social work club

By Peter Baugher
Staff Writer

Franciscan University Student Government funded the recently resurrected social work club during its weekly meeting on March 8 at 11:00 a.m.

Spring Bill 17 allocated $210 to the Social Work Club, which has not been active for a number of semesters. Students in the social work program wish to restart the club but have been unable to gain funding from the social work department, said Sarah Ekin, president of the social work club.

Originally, the bill allocated $150 for a general interest meeting and to pay for pizza, soda and licensing of a space. However, it was amended to provide $210 on the recommendation of Sen. Francesco Pinque. The bill passed with the amendment.
Senators also passed Spring Bill 18, which reallocated money from the English Honor Society’s planned outing to Leonardo’s Coffeehouse and BookMarx Bookstore to the club’s trivia night.

The rules and order committee discussed bills that will allow clubs to reallocate funds without requiring FUSG to pass a new bill.

The grad week committee announced that Exc!te will fund alcohol and laser tag for grad week festivities.

Vice President Caleb Rider announced that paint colors for the fireside lounge have been selected and the floors are finished.

According to Sen. Amelia Abdalla, some changes may be in the works for conducting elections of student government members, but if implemented, these changes would not take effect until after this year’s election.

It was also announced that FUSG’s contingency is currently at $6,969.86.

Club budgets are to be submitted to FUSG the Wednesday after spring break, March 22. However, Rider says he is open to extending the deadline.

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