Student Government hosts presidential candidate debate

Photo by Liam Pope

Grace Murphy

Staff Writer

Sunday, April 25, at 4 p.m., Franciscan University Student Government hosted a presidential candidate debate in the Finnegan Fieldhouse courtyard in preparation for the Tuesday elections.

The two presidential candidates are junior Alex McKenna and junior Carly Newman. Junior Joshua Schutte is McKenna’s running mate and vice-presidential candidate. Sophomore Paul Aubert is Newman’s running mate and vice-presidential candidate.

All four presidential and vice-presidential candidates were in attendance.

Before the debate began, Student Government provided attendees free pizza.

Senior Athanasius Sirilla, current FUSG president, introduced the debate and led the attendees in an opening prayer.

McKenna and Newman were each given 10 minutes to go over the main points of their platforms and what they hope to accomplish as president.

McKenna said, “I hope you will consider voting for us a couple days from now based on our policies: mental health and promoting fun on campus.”

Newman said, “Through our policies, students will know we are working diligently to make campus a better place for all students.”

McKenna and Newman each answered two previously prepared questions. Schutte and Aubert each answered one previously prepared question.

One question was: “Why should students care about this election?”

McKenna said, “I think because we care about who our leaders are.”

Newman said, “This election is one of the most important in Franciscan student government history.”

After that, attendees were given the opportunity to ask the candidates questions.

Finally, both McKenna and Newman gave brief closing statements.

Sirilla said, “Student government is more than the people in the offices. So even though there is a limited number of offices, anybody is more than welcome to approach anybody with questions, concerns and comments.”

Freshman Katie Valenty said, “Both seem like really good candidates and I think I have a clear understanding of who I might vote for.”