Student government kicks off school year

By Chris Davis
Staff Writer

Franciscan University Student Government (FUSG) voted to support funding for the Franciscan University Musical Theatre Troupe (FUMTT) and its newest production, “Beauty and the Beast” at FUSG’s weekly meeting Wednesday at 11 a.m.

After several inquiries about FUSG’s ability to provide the type of funding requested, the bill received full support from the Senate, noting the cultural benefits that an active theater community can have at Franciscan University.

Caroline Sanborn, president of FUMTT, received $2,500 for the upcoming production. This funding would cover the cost of the rights to the play and its songs. Any other operating costs, including the set and costumes, will be covered by ticket sales.

Notably, clubs and activities no longer have to raise half of the money they ask for from FUSG, a change that Student President Jared Johnson said he hopes will avoid putting “strain on clubs to be heavily fundraising-focused.”

Referring to his campaign slogan from last year, Johnson said, “We promised life in abundance, and that’s the goal.” He continued, saying,“The last few years have been about building momentum and laying the foundation … and now it’s time for the Senate and administration to do that.”

A large part of the early meeting consisted of confirming and swearing in new justices and members of the Senate, but there are still openings for three freshmen senators, one sophomore senator, and two junior senators.

Freshman senators will be voted on by the student body, but the job of filling the sophomore and junior openings will be decided by the incumbent members of the Senate.

Several senators said they would like to include more underclassmen and have a Senate that is less skewed toward seniors than it is currently.

When asked for a final comment, Johnson addressed the student population and said, “Pray for us, we’re praying for you.”