Student Government passes bills to pay for Bibles, holiday shuttles, ‘yummy’ food


Student Government was busy this week, passing five new bills while also passing a long-debated bill allocating money for the purchase of four bibles for the Portiuncula.

Although the initial bill was raised weeks ago, Fall Bill #33 was un-tabled and finally passed this week. In past meetings there were several aspects – such as the types of bibles and how many – that made it difficult for student government to pass the bill. However, after the staff at the chapel agreed to match student government’s investment, there was only one topic to be debated.

There was concern raised that hardcover bibles should be purchased instead of leather bound because hardcover would be cheaper. However, leather bound bibles are said to last much longer than hardcover.

It was at this point that Senator Shaw asked the enlightening question, “Are cowboys’ saddles made of leather, or hardcover? Leather will last longer and be more economical in the end.”

The chair made a point to confirm that all saddles are made of leather, which authoritatively ended any debate that may have been further raised.

The result of this bill was that in the near future, eight new leather bound bibles will be purchased and placed in the Port for the use of all who visit.

Other important bills that were passed included shuttle transports for students going home for Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. These two bills passed unanimously and will allow students to get rides to the nearest airport by student outreach free of charge. There will be shuttles throughout the day to accommodate class schedules.

Also passed was Fall Bill #40, which allocated funds to student government to purchase “yummy food and supplies” for students who will be making use of the extended study hours in Antonian Hall during finals week. It was duly noted that the food purchased must be officially verified as “yummy.”

Finally, Fall Bill #38 was passed, allocating funds to student government for their budget meeting that will be held on Monday. The meeting will be an extensive overview of the upcoming semester’s budget and will see many exciting plans made.