Student Government passes spring 2019 budget after slashing $16,000


Franciscan University Student Government passed its budget for the spring 2019 semester, totaling $38,297, at the formal budget meeting on Wednesday.

The budget meeting saw 19 student organizations receive funding from the sizeable budget, which saw $16,110 slashed from the original cumulative budget of $54,407.

Almost every organization had their budget cut in some way. The biggest cuts went to Baron Pep Band, from $2,375 to $1,055 for a loss of 55 percent; Young Americans for Freedom, from $3,450 to $1,950 for a loss of 43 percent; Student Creative Arts Network, from $5,050 to $2,900 for a loss of 42 percent; Franciscan Fatal, from $6,550 to $3,950 for a loss of 39 percent; and the Veritas Society, from $2,228 to $1,600 for a loss of 28 percent.

Other clubs receiving funding included: Student Government, $13,072; the Outdoors Club, $3,955; IDEAS, $3,100; Students for Life Values Outreach, $2,600; the Gadfly, $1,200; the International Coffee Club, $880; Franciscan Fire, $500; Equestrian Club, $415; Engineering Club, $340; Board Game Association, $300; the Scanlan Society, $240; the Red Cross Club, $225; Mercy through Mary, $210; and the Pre-Physical Club, $30.

Two groups did not receive funding. ClimbFUS had asked for $1,178.55 but saw that number cut by 28 percent to $840 as part of Student Government’s efforts to keep the total budget under the $40,000 allocation from Student Life. The club representative elected to withdraw their proposed budget completely and try to pass a bill for the full amount next semester.

Voice of Martyrs had its budget forfeited when a club representative failed to show up to the mandatory meeting.

Absent from the meeting, which President Gabe Gessler had made clear was mandatory short of a trip to the emergency room, were Sen. Ahysen Silva and Justice Loren Shillinglaw.

Also during the meeting:
Fall Bill 58, which allocated $300 to Student Government for shuttles to Steubenville’s Light Up Night, passed unanimously.
Treasurer Kelsey Scott-Avery announced the contingency fund sat at $32, 182.67.