Student Government president excited to serve, discusses plans for the school year


Franciscan University Student Government President Ben Stroka is eager for a great year as a voice between the student body and the administrators.

Stroka’s platforms for his election included being able to double swipe at the cafeteria and expanding open hours in residence halls during exam weeks.

“It was kind of random,” he said on why he decided to run for election. “Some friends told me I should run and so I did. It was then that I realized what a gap there was between the goals of administrators and those of the student body. I ended up being really glad to have the opportunity.”

Stroka said Student Government’s main job is to allocate money for clubs. It also serves as a middle person between administration and students.

Stroka used the example of some of the students’ displeasure with the new food service at Franciscan.

“Some things that we know students want are smoothie machines at Cupertino’s and a way to speed up lines,” he said. “It’s our job to find a way to make these things happen.”

Stroka has big plans for the upcoming year. He said that he wants to make sure that there are shuttle rides offered to transport students to off-campus events, and he plans to sponsor a hilltop clean-up. He also said that he finds it especially important that students are offered transportation to the March for Life.

“I want students to know that we are a small group of students that does a lot of work,” said Stroka. “Most people don’t even know that we exist.”

It is of utmost importance to Stroka to look out for the needs of students.

“My view for the Franciscan University student body is to keep the community strong and centered on Christ,” he said.

Elections to fill Student Government senate seats will take place later this month.

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