Student Government recalls funds given to Graduate Counseling Association


Student Government met to discuss Fall Bill #24 and to debate the repealing of Fall Bill #21 from last week, which ended in an executive recall of funds issued by President Kirby.

For the past three weeks, Student Government has been trying to sort out the funding of the Graduate Counseling Association in their attendance of the annual Psychotherapy Catholic Conference.

First there was debate on whether they should be funded at all because they are not, as of yet, an official Franciscan University club. As of last week it seemed as though the case was resolved and the association would be funded after all.

Student Government passed Fall Bill #21 last Wednesday, which allocated $750 to the GCA for registration to the conference. However, there was confusion within the finance committee of the GCA, caused by a previous bill that allotted money not only for registration, but for lodging. This bill was vetoed by Kirby because of mistake in the bill itself.

Because of this confusion, the GCA booked hotel rooms thinking that they were still able to use the money for lodging. Furthermore, the GCA received almost full registration funding from Student Life. Therefore, the money that had been allocated by Student Government was being used for the wrong purpose and was now unable to be used for the intended purpose.

Debate ensued as to whether Fall Bill #21 should be repealed and the funds returned, or if amendments should be made saying that the money could be used for lodging as well.

In the end, after much disagreement and indecisiveness, Kirby was forced to make an executive recall of the funds, which had to be supported by a majority vote in the senate. The final vote was unanimous with two abstains.

Also voted on was Fall Bill #24, which allocated $2,340 to Student Government for the Midnight Madness event scheduled for the 25th of October.

Senator Drew Pultorak said that the bill promotes “a greater sense of community among the student body and is beneficial to student morale.”

Student government will not meet next week due to Fall Break.

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