Student Government reconvenes for spring semester


Franciscan University Student Government (FUSG) reconvened for the 2017 spring semester last Wednesday.

During the meeting, FUSG discussed the allocation of funds to several clubs as well as formal recognition of the Franciscan Musical Theatre Troupe.

The meeting opened with Treasurer Danny Butters’ report on the state of the contingency fund.  Butters stated that the contingency fund currently has $14,129.97, and that he expects another allocation from the university in the amount of $30,000 sometime soon.

The meeting then moved to the formal consideration of legislation.  After brief discussion, it was decided that Spring Bills #1 and #2 would be tabled for later discussion, due to neither having a club representative at the meeting.

The body then moved to approve the remaining bills one at a time, taking time to discuss each of them.

Spring Bill #3 called for $750 to be allocated to the Outdoors Club for their trip to Hidden Valley Ski Resort in February, and Bill #4 asked that $750 be allocated to the Franciscan University Street Hockey Club for gym rental. During discussion of this bill, Sens. Louis Heisler and Stephen Shaw both remarked that the club should make more efforts to fundraise in order to be more self-sufficient.

Spring Bill #5, sponsored by Sen. Emmy Mathias, sought formal recognition by FUSG of the Franciscan Musical Theatre Troupe as an official FUSG club. Representing the club was its president, Patrick O’Brien. The club was approved unanimously.

Following the club’s approval, Spring Bill #6 sought $550 to be allocated to the Social Work Club for their Feb. 7 event on human trafficking.

Spring Bill #7, concerning the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) Club, asked for reallocations be made to the group’s February trip to C-PAC in the amounts of $100 and $50 from one of their speaking events and their State of the Union watch party, respectively.

Immediately afterwards, Fall Bill #8 was introduced and asked for $150 to be allocated to YAF for hotel rooms during the C-PAC trip.  All bills were passed without objection.

Following the advisor’s comments, Sen. Samantha Martinez announced that she would be stepping down from her post for personal reasons.  It was also announced that Sen. William Blackley had also stepped down.  A special election will be held in the coming weeks for all open spots on FUSG, which include two sophomore seats, two junior seats, one senior seat and two justice seats.  Anyone interested in running should email Chief Justice Ben Idzik at [email protected] with an intention to run.

FUSG will next meet Feb. 1 at 11 a.m. in the St. Leo room.

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