Student Government repeals frisbee funding

By Peter Baugher
Staff Writer

February 11, 2023 article was corrected to say that Sen. Andrew VanDevere was the sole abstainer of the vote, not Sen. James Duarte

Franciscan University Student Government (FUSG) repealed funding of FATAL Ultimate Frisbee Club at its regular meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023, in the St. Leo Room in the J.C. Williams Center.

The repeal was directed at Fall Bill 2, which had allocated over 900 dollars to the FATAL Ultimate Frisbee Club on campus. After passing Fall Bill 2 on Jan. 25, FUSG reviewed athletic club funding procedures and determined that FATAL broke those procedures.

Sen. James Duarte explained that Jordan Barton, an official in Franciscan’s Athletics Department, informed him that the frisbee team has neither requested funding nor submitted an invoice to her office.

At FUSG’s Jan. 25 meeting, senators passed Fall Bill 2 with the assumption that they were helping FATAL cover costs since the Athletics Department provided minimal funding.

The repeal of Fall Bill 2 was passed with near unanimity, with only Sen. Andrew VanDevere abstaining from the vote. However, FUSG indicated its openness to funding FATAL in the future if all other avenues of funding are exhausted.

Treasurer Peter Sammons expressed disappointment in FUSG for defunding FATAL.

Senators also approved a bill allocating 450 dollars to FUSG to send 10 members of student government to the Ohio Student Government Summit on Feb. 18. The allocated money covers only attendance fees.

FUSG confirmed the Literary Society as a club in good standing in Fall Bill 7, which was sponsored by Sen. Amelia Abdalla.

“Our hope is that this club will be a haven for anyone to share their experiences related to literature, whether it is through their own literary work or the work of others,” said Vienna Kananen, president of the Literary Society

FUSG also approved a bill recognizing the Carpentry Club as a club in good standing and eligible for budget.

“The carpentry club is about teaching and practicing the philosophy of soulful work, creating things for the sake of themselves, and helping to create ownership of the campus in which we all reside,” said club president Andrew Doty.

Finally, FUSG President Jared Johnson announced that he and Vice President Caleb Rider have been asked to be on a committee for the hiring of the new Vice President of Academic Affairs for the university.