Student Government swears in 10 new members into senate


Ten members were sworn into the senate of Franciscan University Student Government at its first open meeting Wednesday.

To begin the meeting, Tommy Valentine was confirmed as chief justice for the academic year. Valentine served as justice during the last academic year. President Ben Stroka swore in Valentine as chief justice.

Directly following, a bill was brought forward in which Valentine would be nominated as Student Government’s public relations liaison, but the bill was tabled before coming to a vote.

The additions to the senate were as follows: Kayla Friel as internal auditor, Annie Babcock as Austrian ambassador, Ben Idzik as Austrian consul, Dominick Galli as treasurer, Elizabeth Collins as executive assistant and Victoria Schimmer as secretary.

Three justices were also sworn into office: Grace Gilhooly, Isaac Mannella and Liz Costello.

Valentine guided the newly confirmed members of the senate through their oaths and swore them into their positions.

The last item of business for the meeting was fall bill #12 which called for the reallocation of $110 and the allocation of $14.20 for the Anscombe Society.

The members of the Anscombe Society had originally presented a bill in order to supply themselves with 10 copies of the book “The Meaning of Marriage” by Timothy Keller; however, they have since decided to order 10 copies of “Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom” by Ryan T. Anderson. This book was .47 cents more expensive than their original choice.

The bill was passed without debate.

To close the meeting, David Schmiesing, vice president of Student Life and Student Government adviser, and President Stroka encouraged people to run for election for senate positions. There are freshmen, junior, senior and graduate student seats available.

General elections will take place on Sept. 16 and special elections on Sept. 23.