Student Government swears in new senators, debates club money allocation

Staff Writer

Franciscan University’s Student Government met on Wednesday to discuss senate bills and take care of logistical business.

The roll call, done by Internal Auditor Billy Himpler, noted that President Kirby was not present for the meeting. Vice president Isaac Foldi stood in as acting president and Chief Justice Thomas Gaudet took the chair as acting vice president.

Treasurer Meg Gargulinski noted that there was a contingency balance of $10,523.54.

Following this, Fall Bill 9 was brought to the table for discussion. The bill was regarding the proposal of re-allocating $600 to Latinos for Christ for a Danielle Rose Benefit Concert for Religious Life and their spring pre-Lent Carnivale.

Jenny Rivera, a member of Latinos for Christ, was present for the meeting to represent the club.

The Senate debated on this bill and decided unanimously to strike it down. They said they had no problem giving the money, but would do so when the event was closer.

The floor would normally then open for faculty adviser David Schmiesing to give his comments, but he was also not present for the meeting,

The two new freshman senators, Samantha Martinez and James Sarlo, were then sworn in and invited to join the senate table.

Acting-president Foldi then closed the meeting with announcements regarding the Hilltop Cleanup Project, which will take place on Oct. 11, to which all are invited.