Student Government votes on relocating tabernacle, passes several bills for clubs


Franciscan University’s Student Government met Oct. 21 and discussed eight bills, including the allocation of funds to Franciscan’s women’s ultimate Frisbee team and a bill regarding the moving of the tabernacle in Christ the King Chapel.

Fall Senate Bill #32, which moved to advise the relocation of the tabernacle in Christ the King Chapel, was un-tabled from last week.  After much debate on the topic as well as speaking with the Rev. Shawn Roberson, TOR, Christ the King’s chaplain, the senate struck the bill down with a vote of three yeas, four nays and two abstentions.

The Franciscan women’s ultimate Frisbee team requested the allocation of $250 to pay for its bid in the Hucking in Amish Paradise Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. The team has not asked for nor been allocated any money prior to this proposal. Fall Senate Bill #40, sponsored by Sen. Gabriel Gessler, was passed unanimously.

In a companion bill, the women’s ultimate Frisbee team requested the allocation of $75.76 to pay for gas for two vehicles to drive the team to the tournament, to take place 276 miles away in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Fall Senate Bill #41, also sponsored by Gessler, was passed.

The Board Game Association (BGA) requested that $51.87 be allocated to reimburse Joshua McKenna for costs incurred from opening game night on Aug. 31, 2015. The Board Game Association was originally allocated $50.80 for its opening game night.  This event happened early in the semester, when the BGA did not yet have a representative. Since the event passed without the funds actually being used, the club returned the contingency fund.

Fall Senate Bill #42, sponsored by Sen. Daniel Smith, was passed.  However, since the 30-day deadline for reimbursements has also passed, it will be up to business services to decide whether or not McKenna is reimbursed.

Franciscan University men’s a cappella group, the Revelations, requested that $49.50 be allocated to buy sheet music. The Revelations were not budgeted any funds for this semester. These funds will ensure the successful expansion of the Revelations’ repertoire. Fall Senate Bill #39 was passed.

Our Lady of Sorrows club requested that $40 be allocated for a fellowship celebration. The club was unable to reserve a room on the day it had listed on the budget and had to reschedule. Since the date was changed and the funds have already expired, a new allocation is needed. No funds are being requested beyond what have already been approved in last semester’s budgeting process. Fall Senate Bill #38, sponsored by Sen. Zacchaeus Lock, was passed.


Four bills were presented to amend the Student Government bylaws, all sponsored by Chief Justice Thomas Valentine. As it currently stands, Section II.A of the bylaws states that the agenda of each formal Student Government meeting shall be posted no less than 24 hours previously to each formal meeting in a public place. Fall Senate Bill #44 moved that Section II.A of the bylaws be amended to change “in a public place” to “on the Student Government website” instead, as posting the agenda of each meeting in a physical place is outdated and inefficient while posting it on the website instead would make it more accessible to the student body.  The bill was passed.


Another bill moved to amend Section III.B.1.b of the bylaws, which deals with deadlines for submitting legislation. The current text reads, “…Bills not submitted before said deadline shall not be considered by the Senate until the next informal meeting.”


Fall Senate Bill #45 would add “…unless a Senator makes a motion to insert a bill into the agenda and the motion is passed by a majority vote.” This bill was passed unanimously.
Yet another bill moved to amend Section VI.B.4 of the bylaws, regarding the deadlines for the financial process.  As it currently stands, the budget committee shall distribute budget request forms to the clubs by Wednesday of the ninth full week of classes, and clubs have until Wednesday of the tenth full week of classes to return the budget request forms with a typed detailed budget.  The deadlines as they stand now are impossible to meet. This amendment would move two parts of the process back by one week to make them attainable. Fall Senate Bill #37 was passed.

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