Student Government welcomes graduate senator, allocates money to clubs for upcoming trips


Franciscan University’s Student Government met March 6 to welcome a new senator and to pass two bills allocating funds to Students for Life and IDEAS.

Don Caldwell, a Franciscan University graduate student, stepped up into the needed role of a graduate senator in Student Government.

Offering his experience and desire to serve, he said, “Every republic organization needs full representation of the body. I saw the (lack of) graduate students’ representation and decided to fulfill that role to the best of my ability.”

He was unanimously approved for office and sworn in as a senator.

Spring 2015 Bill 28 allocated $395 to Students for Life for a statewide pro-life conference that is taking place in the coming months. The conference is held annually and is attended by pro-life groups from communities and universities throughout Ohio.

Bill 29 allocated $60 to IDEAS for its upcoming trip to the United Nations in Manhattan for the Commission of the Status of Women conference. The club has already received $2100 for the trip, but unforeseen lodging situations caused the group to have to reevaluate the total cost. The club has also taken strong initiative in fundraising.

In anticipation for spring break, President Brian Kirby spoke briefly at the end of the weekly business meeting, saying that many obligations will be picking up for Student Government after spring break. The budgetary process for next semester will be discussed as well as upcoming senatorial and presidential elections, he said.