Student injured in car accident near Starvaggi


Assistant Editor

Update (September 26): Steubenville Police Department was not available for comment and Michael Conn was not able to confirm further details.

construction_imageA young woman was taken to the hospital in an ambulance this morning after being hit by a car as she was crossing the street near Starvaggi Hall at Franciscan University.

The accident occurred in the construction area outside of Starvaggi Hall and the young woman’s condition is currently unknown, said Dominick Privoli from Physical Plant.

Physical Plant employees have placed construction warning signs and notices urging drivers to slow down due to events surrounding the accident.

Michael Conn, director of security at Franciscan University, said that the woman who was injured was a Franciscan student and that she was alert when she was being loaded into the ambulance.

Conn urged campus drivers to be alert to your surroundings. He also said that while he doesn’t believe the driver was speeding when they hit the student, people should remember that the speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour.