Student-organized holy hour intercedes against black mass

Veronica Novotny

Assistant Editor

Despite the late notice, over 200 students participated in a holy hour late Thursday night, Oct. 29, for an end to a black mass scheduled in Australia.

Seniors Katherine Douglas and Layna Corbett planned the holy hour in response to the news that a government venue in Queensland, Australia, was scheduled to host a black mass Friday, Oct. 30. Douglas planned, scheduled and advertised the holy hour in the three days leading up to the scheduled black mass.

Douglas opened the holy hour with a brief explanation of a black mass, which she said desecrates the Eucharist and engages satanic influences. Douglas prayed for those who would endanger their souls by participating in the ritual.

Graduate student Lily Hidalgo and sophomore Michael Rechen led the congregation in singing a Divine Mercy Chaplet on their knees.

After the chaplet, Douglas prayed a litany to Christ the King, rejecting the works of Satan and proclaiming Christ as king of the world.

Hidalgo and Rechen then led the congregation in praise and worship for the remainder of the hour.

At the end of the night, a student shared an image received in prayer: “As we were praying, (I got) the image of King David playing … his harp and singing before King Saul, and how King Saul was exorcised of the demons while they played.”

“Reflecting upon this image, I just felt that the Lord wanted us to know the power of praise because in our praise we act and operate out of his victory over darkness, over sin, over death. … The power of praise is truly an act of love that consoles his heart and casts out the darkness.”

Douglas also shared the story of Blessed Bortolo Longo, who was a satanic priest before converting to Catholicism due to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin and praying the rosary.

“It shows that we are never too far gone. It’s a real glory story to keep in mind,” Douglas said.

Freshman Bridgette Bonsby said, “I came to the holy hour tonight because I know that the Eucharist is the true body of Christ and I want to pray for the souls of anyone who doesn’t see the true beauty of the salvation and graces that comes with it.”