Students celebrate first weekend of semester with food and fun


Over one hundred students gathered in the Piazza dei Santi for good food and good times at Wing and DJ Night to celebrate the first Saturday of the fall 2018 semester. Resident Directors James Roman and Matt Hair hosted the event, which provided hours of enjoyment for students from all across campus.

Beginning at 8 p.m., bonfires crackled in the middle of the piazza, and heated games of Spikeball raged amid the scent of chili and chicken wings. Hair, who served as the DJ, played a selection of ’70s, ’80s, and modern pop music that pulsed through the evening air.

According to Roman, one of the main reasons for hosting the party was to give people a fun place to interact. “That’s the goal,” said Roman, “more genuinely human connection.”

Indeed, for many freshmen, the Wing and DJ Night was a great opportunity to establish and reinforce new friendships on campus. Freshman Augustine Tabling said that the event was a chance to “see new friends and make new ones.”

The party also served as a meeting place for old friends to reconnect. “It’s like a big Fran-family reunion,” said junior Malachi Bezy.

Students enjoyed the array of food, including wings, chips, chili and guacamole. As the party continued and the food trays dwindled, marshmallows and chocolate were brought to the central bonfire for s’mores. Students trickled away from the piazza after 11 p.m. with smiles on their faces, making it clear that Wing and DJ Night was a success.