Students celebrate life at birthday-themed dance, karaoke


Sunday night was everyone’s birthday as students partied at the Celebrate Life dance in the J.C. Williams Center.  

The dance saw more than a dozen attendees who enjoyed cupcakes, refreshments and party items provided by the hosts, Students for Life. As attendees danced to hit songs, balloons and confetti were thrown around in keeping with the birthday theme, and students had fun playing with kazoos and clappers.  

One of the highlights of the dance was the karaoke session that took place later that evening. Students enjoyed singing along to a song of their choice and being a star for the moment.  

The idea for the event came from Kristina Beer, freshman and a part of the Christian Leaders Fellowship Program, when she needed to host an event as a part of the program. She thought that hosting a birthday-themed dance would be a great way to fundraise for a pro-life cause.  

“It’s really cool that all our parents chose life,” Beer said. “We should celebrate it more than just on our birthdays. … It’s a gift from God.” 

All the proceeds of the event will go to the Aim Women’s Center in downtown Steubenville. “It’s one thing to say that you’re pro-life,” said Beer, “It’s so much more important to say you’re pro-life and to act on it.” 

The event was partially successful. “I didn’t really expect a big turnout,” said Catherine Travis, senior and vice president of Students for Life, “but that wasn’t really the point. The point is just celebrating life. Everyone is having fun.” 

“The dance was really fun,” said Jerry O’Rourke, junior. “It was a nice way to end this weekend.”