Students dance ‘til they drop at swing dancing competition


Photo by: Elena Mirus

The sound of music and tapping feet filled the J.C. Williams Center Sunday, Oct. 13 during the St. Vitus Social Dance Club’s swing dance competition. 

The lively night of dancing started at 6 p.m. and lasted until roughly 10 p.m. During those four hours, students showed off their moves, demonstrating their skill and talent while having fun and socializing.  

The competition was split into three categories: choreographed dance, improvisational dance and the “dance ‘til you drop” segment. In between each competition, spectators had the chance to take the floor themselves for more casual dance. 

The event was organized by the dance club’s president, senior Paul Nick, and vice-president, senior Emily Rabidau, who awarded the winners of each segment with ribbons. 

The first competitive category gave rise to four elaborate dance routines. Each routine overflowed with complicated moves that elicited cheers and applause from onlookers. 

First place for the choreographed segment was claimed by senior Kellen Lake and junior Maggie Peter for their routine set to “Trees” by Twenty One Pilots. A swing dancer for about two years, Lake said, “(Maggie and I) worked really hard on (the routine). We’ve been practicing it for about two months now.” 

The improvisational segment was organized into a bracket, finally crowning freshman Miguel Daez and senior Sophia Stuckey as the winners. Reflecting on their performance, Stuckey said, “Probably my favorite parts (during our dance) were when Miguel lost his shoe and hat and when I did the floor spin.” 

The third and final segment, the “dance ‘til you drop,” lasted a total of one hour and forty minutes. Starting with six couples, three persevered until mandatory eliminations were instated by the judges. 

Eventually, freshmen Joseph George and Amy Mosier were chosen as the winners. The two were thoroughly exhausted by the end of the competition; George noted how even the thought of breathing made his throat hurt. 

“My friends are out here supporting us, so their cheers always helped us,” said Mosier. She and George agreed that their friends’ encouragement from the second-floor balcony was pivotal for helping them pull through. 

Sophomore Patrick Frazier who attended the event summarized the night, saying, “Swing dancing is just fun; that’s the best part about it. I’m really glad that the dance club is out here providing a space for students to do it every week and also to learn (how to dance).”