Students debate whether Greece or Rome was the better civilization

Maggie McCarron

Staff Writer

On Sunday, Nov. 8, the Veritas Society tried a new approach for a debate about different aspects of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, which was offered for Veritas Associates in the Gentile Gallery.

This new debate style required no opening speeches and was run almost entirely by the audience.

Every student attending was welcome to give a two-minute speech about an aspect of Ancient Greece or Rome and to argue which civilization performed said aspect better.

After each speech, the audience would vote whether or not to give a point to the side that was just argued for. If a member directly argued against a previous point, a vote would be taken to erase the last point from its respective side. At the end, the votes were tallied to find the winner.

Some of the topics that were argued included theater, philosophy, marriage, unification and lasting effects on civilization. Sarah Wear, who holds a doctorate in the classics and teaches both Latin and Greek at Franciscan University of Steubenville, was the resident fact checker of this debate.

One key argument for Greece was the Greeks’ outlook on bodies and their dedication to achieving the perfect body. This argument was an undisputed win for Greece; however, an argument that the Romans created pizza was made to contradict this.

An argument for Rome was the fact that Christianity was started there. There were a few refutations against this, including the fact that Scripture was originally written in Greek; however, the point that the Church was headquartered in Rome defeated this.

After the final arguments, the result was a tie with six points on both sides.

Wear said she was happy with the results of the debate and with the students’ knowledge of Greece and Rome. She also said she was surprised that politics was not mentioned, because it was a very important difference of culture.

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