Students discover unique variety of clubs at Franciscan’s club fair


Photo by: Lily Fitzgibbons

The J.C. Williams Center was vibrant with activity as it held its annual club fair from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sept. 14. Students stopped by to check out the many clubs and to explore their interests.

With over 20 clubs present, students had many options from which to choose. The club fair provided students with an idea of student life on campus at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Colorful signs, pamphlets, papers and candy littered the tables as students walked around commiserating and laughing with friends and finding out more about the different clubs available. Some students even paused to play Super Smash Brothers at the Faith, Family and Smash Brothers table. The clubs ranged from the Knights of Columbus to Musical Theatre Troupe to Student Government to Veritas Society.

Students were pleasantly surprised by the clubs they discovered, sometimes even unaware of their existence beforehand. “I didn’t know American Red Cross was a club,” said junior Peter Nguyen. The American Red Cross holds a blood drive three times a semester. Students can sign up to donate blood or help with registration during the event.

Baron Pep Band was another surprise at the club fair. Nguyen said, “Seeing (that) pep band was a club was really good because I was in pep band.” The Baron Pep Band practices every Friday from 6-7 p.m. and performs for games during both fall and spring semesters.

Some clubs provide students with the opportunity to enjoy nature and stay in shape. The Outdoors Club holds camping, hiking, zip-lining and spelunking events throughout the semester. “I was an Eagle Scout,” said freshman Austyn Patz. “I’m happy to know there’s an outdoor club.”

“I was most intrigued by rock climbing because I’ve had experience with it,” said freshman Skya Sylvestre. FUS Climb allows students to stay fit and form a community. The students train on Mondays and then venture off campus to test their skills and have fun.

Some clubs are involved in central aspects of student life, such as the Scanlan Society and Exc!te. The Scanlan Society provides students with prayer, study, service and solidarity, while Exc!te organizes a majority of the events on campus, such as homecoming, and sponsors households in their dances and other activities.

To find out more about the clubs present at the fair as well as the multitude of other clubs on campus, students can visit

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