Students drop commitments to pray for Ukraine at campus holy hour

Shanice Kirabo
Staff Writer

Students filled Christ the King Chapel Thursday at 9 p.m. to pray for peace in Ukraine following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia that morning.

The situation in Ukraine is reported to be the biggest invasion Russia has initiated since the Cold War in 1945. The death toll is rising, and boys as young as 16 are being drafted into the army in an attempt to match the military might Russia has amassed.

The Rev. Shawn Roberson, TOR, presided over the holy hour. Many households canceled regular commitments to attend.

Following a time of praise in front of the Blessed Sacrament, which was led by Apprentices of St. Joseph and Jesters of YHWH households, Roberson provided some reflection on the Ukrainian situation.

He said, “The world is only the way it is because of our brokenness. But we mustn’t forget that God is still in control.”

The congregation then prayed the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary.

Following the holy hour, junior Sophia Charron, who has family from Ukraine, urged students to make efforts to support Ukraine through prayer, sacrifice and monetary donations. She asked students to pray for safety and a radical change in the hearts of the Russian soldiers.

Plans for the holy hour came together Thursday afternoon when Charron and senior Elizabeth Alva reached out to Apprentices about changing their holy hour to specifically intercede for the situation in Ukraine.

Alva said she was overwhelmed by the response.

“Tonight, the chapel was packed,” she wrote on an Instagram post. “The heart of Christ consoled. Students dropped their plans, ran from work, delayed sleep and moved household commitments to spend time in prayer. … I am so grateful for this community and the love they share for our universal church and its king.”