Students enjoy catering & culture at Italian Fest

By Peyton Voorheis
Staff Writer

Exc!te hosted an Italian-themed celebration with the help of Guardians of the Divine Will, featuring catered dinner, gelato, music and posters of various Italian saints on Sept. 23 at 7 p.m.

Although it began at 7 p.m., the line was growing long far before then.

“I’ve never seen anyone at Franciscan show up to something so early,” joked sophomore Meredith Sabol.

The event originally taking place in the Piazza was moved inside the J.C. Williams Center due rain.

With the help of Guardians, Exc!te was able to smoothly transition to a different location. They quickly adjusted the set up that was in place for a Bilbo Baggins Birthday Party taking place shortly beforehand.

There was Italian music playing from a playlist made by Exc!te’s senior, Mandy Baez. Baez made her selection by asking people she knew have Italian roots for their recommendations.

“I called some of my neighbors from back home … there are a lot of Italian students on campus,” explained Baez.

Some students were dancing to the music in the open floor of the atrium.

Junior Ian Lebano, a member of Exc!te and Guardians’ co-coordinator, said that “we made it work, and now everyone’s here. Feels like the whole campus is walking through.”

The line for food, catered by Scaffidi’s Pasta, was rather long, stretching down the stairs and winding around the atrium.

Grace Brewer, a freshman psychology student, said the event was “absolutely lovely.”

I really like the music, and I really like the gelato,” said Brewer. The gelato was provided by Janet’s Gelato, and students could choose from a variety of flavors.

Later on in the evening, freshman Paul Conti brought his accordion and spontaneously contributed his own musical talents to the event, much to Baez’s appreciation.

The event was scheduled to end at 10 p.m., although clean-up began roughly a half hour early as students left, stuffed with good food.

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