Students face off at lip sync battle

By Jacqueline Griswold
Staff Writer

Students crowded into the JC to watch the second Lip-Sync competition between the Guardians and five other households on Mar. 2 at 9 p.m. 

The Daughters of Divine Mercy, the Priestly Discernment Program, Handmaids of the Lord, Stella Mariae, and Apprentices of St. Joseph all competed against the Guardians.  

As the judges were being introduced, Bob Lesnefsky, director of evangelization and household life, was referred to as “The Bald Legend.”  

The other judges were Jessie Leatherby, the associate director of student engagement, Brian Kissinger, director of student life and outreach and Sister Eliana Day, pastoral assistant, who received loud cheers from the audience.  

During the whole competition the judges handed out NVP hats to the best dancer on each team.  

“I am so pumped.” Said Paul Bremberg, a freshman political science and history major and an intent of the Guardians household, before the event was to start.  

Students crowded the stairs and the in-front of the first row of chairs. Many students sat on the ground around the dance floor. 

The opening performance of the night was the Guardians lip syncing and dancing to “This is the Greatest Show” from “The Greatest Showman.”  

The first act of the night was performed and won by Daughters of Devine Mercy. They danced to “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls. They had spice names on their shirts like cinnamon and salt to go with their theme.  

Guardians competed by lip syncing to “Baby” by Justing Bieber and Ludacris. They even threw around a baby during the song, not a real one of course.  

By the end of the first round the crowds were cheering for the judges to vote for DDM and in the end the judges heeded the people’s plight by declaring DDM the winner of round one. 

Round two, it was none other than the Priestly Discernment Program, the PDP who opened up with “Should I stay or Should I go” by The Clash, but they changed the lyrics to “should I stand or should I kneel.”  

Despite the tie, Guardians won this round with their “It’s a Hard Knock Life” remix from the movie “Annie.”  

“So far best act of the night,” said Leatherby, after round three to the Stella Mariae household, who did a basketball themed dance.  

Some of the girls dressed in orange even rolled on the floor like basket balls. Lesnefsky said, “Basketball thing made my day.” They won after doing a dance off with a Guardian member  Pancho Guzman, a senior social work major. 

Guardians won round four against Apprentices of St. Joseph. Leatherby said to the Guardian team members, “Nick was by far the best performer of the night and you three matched his energy.”  

The final round was won by the Handmaids who opened with the Willy Wonka song, “Pure Imagination.” 

Finally, there was a spontaneous NVP dance off from all the teams where Tessa Habet, a junior computer science major in DDM wearing the shirt labeled cinnamon, triumphed.   

Leatherby said that it was “one of the best events on campus, and it didn’t disappoint this year.”