Students get their groove on at household ’70s dance

Bethany Doudna
Staff Writer

Students stepped into groovy mode at the ’70s-themed dance hosted by Lions of Judah household in the courtyard outside Finnegan Fieldhouse Saturday from 8 p.m. to midnight.

Attendees were encouraged to wear fun or funky outfits. In keeping with this, the household members wore a variety of groovy patterns, along with colorful headbands or tinted glasses.

“There are guys who literally wait for this dance, we have no idea who they are or see them any other time, but they show up every year in full disco gear,” said Luke Shepherd, coordinator of LOJ.

In compliance with COVID-19 restrictions, LOJ members were informed two weeks prior to the event that they would need to move the dance from the atrium of the J. C. Williams Center to the outdoor courtyard.

“Well, we can smoke out here,” Shepherd said, to a chorus of “Don’t say that!” from his household brothers. “Actually, though, it was harder to set up all this when we normally would have the atrium.”

The dance floor was slow to attract students for the first part of the evening but the pace picked up towards 9 p.m.

LOJ hosts a fundraiser event every semester, including a ’70s-themed dance in the fall for the last several years, according to Garrett Altman, junior and the treasurer of the household. Last semester, the household produced a play as a second fundraiser, and plans are in the works to put on another play this semester as well.

“It’s being written right now,” Shepherd promised.

“I thought people were having fun,” said senior Charles Kinnach. “It started out slow, but ended up with a good amount of people. It was kind of tough not having it in the J.C., though, where we would normally get all the foot traffic.”



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