Students in headphones jam in JC

Photo by Andrew Nichols

Andrew Nichols
Distribution Manager

Droves of students danced in the J.C. Williams Center Sunday night with no music to be heard.

Returning from spring break, students got back into campus life at the silent rave, an event where people dance to music that is listened to on wireless headphones. Students that signed in with a student ID were given a pair of headphones that could be tuned to three different stations.

Each station was color-coded and played a unique genre of music, while residence directors (RDs) acted as DJs.

Christian Labrador, RD of St. Francis Hall, ran an “awkward middle school dance” playlist; Maddie Doyle, RD of St. Thomas More Hall, ran a 70s-80s playlist; and Mark Hale, RD of Trinity Hall, ran a techno playlist.

Students sang along to the songs heard through their headphones while quiet lo-fi music was played to fill the silence in the J.C.

Participants jammed to classic songs like “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid and “Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus mixed with appearances of niche genres, such as remixes of “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals and “Obliviate” by Lovelyz.

Labrador said he wanted the event to bring people back into the campus life after a long week of missions or home life during spring break.

“Hey, we missed you guys; welcome back!” he said.

Freshman Sam Ellis jammed to the different tunes played throughout the night.

“It was a dark night, but inside was brighter,” he said. “There were a variety of jams, and the red color (the 70s-80s playlist) has the best bops hands down. It was a good place for good fun at a good time. You should have been there.”

Labrador hopes to do more fun and unique events either for Francis Hall or for the whole campus.

“Look out for more things like this: out-of-the-box ideas,” he said.

The event was hosted by ResLife.