Students learn how to achieve financial peace

By Grace Ostuni
Staff Writer 

Chris and Emma Savageau, the Trinity Residential Director and his wife, spoke to students on Tuesday evening about the importance of good financial habits. The talk was an introduction to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, a nine-week online course.  

Chris Savageau began by explaining how his childhood affected his views of finance. Chris Savageau said his parents were obsessed with money, leading him to make a vow that he would never care about money. 

“I did not think you could have a relationship with money without it being incredibly stressful,” said Chris Savageau.  

While dating, Emma Savageau taught him how to budget and save his money for the future.  

“I was raised in a family that had really good habits with money. My dad is a really hardworking entrepreneur,” said Emma Savageau.  

The couple were gifted one of Dave Ramsey’s books, and within a year and a half their debt of $32,000 was paid off.  

Emma Savageau then discredited the common myth that debt and loans are a tool to use to get ahead. She used the example of buying a car and paying it in installments.  

“Your most powerful [financial] tool is your income,” stated Emma Savageau.  

Chris Savageau explained that tracking spending habits is a crucial aspect of being financially free. 

“It’s not the prosperity Gospel. It takes hard work. You’re going to have to put in the hard work to get over some not-good habits,” said Chris Savageau.  

The couple encouraged students to attend Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. 

“In 90 days, the average FPU graduate pays off $5,300 in debt and saves $2,700 for emergencies,” said Savageau.  

Those who participate in Financial Peace University will watch one online video each week and meet in Trinity Hall to discuss. The first meeting in on Feb. 13.  

There are limited spots in the course. Those who would like to attend should contact Chris Savageau either through his e-mail or at his office in Trinity Hall. The course costs $20.