Students put talent on display at SCAN art festival


Photo by: Isaac Iniguez

The Student Creative Arts Network (SCAN) hosted a festival to celebrate students’ artwork of all kinds in the Gentile Gallery the night of Sept. 24. 

The festival was well-attended, and students had the opportunity to gaze, wonder and marvel at their fellow classmates’ art while enjoying pizza and refreshments. Around the gallery, students displayed their work at various tables to represent their clubs or classes. Art displays included examples of graphic narrative, photography, still life and sculpture. 

However, the art exhibited at the festival extended beyond physical mediums. As student-made films projected onto the big screen at the front of the gallery, a jazz band composed of professors played upbeat, joyful tunes. Some singers, a pianist and some guitarists also displayed their talents.  

The atmosphere was jubilant, and students strolled through the displays asking questions about various works and enjoying the artwork.  

The artists who displayed their work were very enthusiastic about the event. Melissa Tuning, a sophomore displaying her digital artwork at the graphic narrative table, said that “there were so many other creative people” and that she enjoyed connecting to them and making new friends.  

Accompanying Tuning was Chris Dacanay, freshman and fellow representative of the graphic narrative table, who said the festival was a “spectacle for the senses.” Dacanay displayed some of his sketches that included characters from the popular Japanese anime “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.” 

“Everybody here is obviously really talented, and I really enjoyed being here,” Dacanay said.  

Danielle Mitchell, freshman, said the festival showcased talented and passionate artists and that “the combination of artwork and community was truly an amazing sight to see.” 

As the night came to a close, it was clear that many of the event’s attendees left with a sense of artistic inspiration and wonder.