Students share musical, poetic and comedic talent at Open Mic Night

By Lauren Hunter
Staff Writer

Students performed acts of music, comedy and poetry at Exc!te’s Open Mic Night. The event took place on April 16 at 8 p.m. by Cupertino’s Café. 

The event was part of Art Week, a week of fun activities for the students to participate in leading up to the Spring Formal.  

There was a small stage set up with two microphones and a speaker. In addition, the Exc!te team brought out a popcorn machine and a cotton candy machine to make some snacks for those watching.  

The evening started off with a song called “Talitha Koum” by MARGO, which evidently warmed up the crowd based on the cheering. 

Next, “Goodbye Miss Bitter” was played on the ukulele. Following that was a comedy skit that had people in tears from laughing so hard. 

A song by Luke Combs called “Going, Going, Gone” was played by a couple of students on the guitar. There was also a stand-up comedy act that consisted of some jokes by an established comedian. 

To change things up a little, someone shared three original poems about his dad, his girlfriend and his job. 

There were two actors from the recent musical, “Life in Color,” who came and performed their duet, “Serious.” The director of the play was in the audience, and a shout-out was given to her. 

Two girls who were not scheduled came up and sang “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, which was a crowd favorite. Upon hitting some hard notes, the crowd cheered and were “whooping” for the two girls. 

For one of the final songs of the evening, an audience member sang a song about bees and trees. He played the guitar and about two verses into it announced to the audience that he was actually making up the song as he went along. 

This elicited a lot of laughter from the audience.