Students solve mysteries with new club

Shanice Kirabo
Staff Writer

“Murder, Mayhem and Muffins” is not the average slogan for a university club, but it is a fitting one for the unique club on campus that revolves around solving mysteries in a fun community setting.

Approved over the summer and now in full swing this semester, the Murder Mystery Club is new to Franciscan University of Steubenville this year. As a new club, they haven’t yet made a name for themselves, but the club has a vision it hopes to share with the student body.

The Murder Mystery Club’s original plan was to solve real-time murders, said sophomore Gabriella De La Torre, club president. Although that sounded interesting, De La Torre predicted that it could get gruesome very quickly, as not everyone is comfortable with discussing real crime.

The Murder Mystery Club developed into a group that convenes to relax and discuss motives for murder, and how natural law applies to such situations, De La Torre said. Additionally, they solve crimes together by figuring out who murdered who, in a game scenario — no real dead bodies there.

With the help of fellow students Theresa Sherman and Elizabeth Boudreaux, both sophomores, De La Torre evolved the Murder Mystery Club from watching real crime to diving into fiction.

It would be easier to relate to people over fictional short stories, De La Torre said, instead of grossing them out with real life “creativity” that is evil.

“We hope to contribute to the student body in some sort of leadership capacity,” De La Torre said. “How fun would it be to do that in a Murder Mystery Club?”

Hypothesizing dangerous scenarios and then proceeding to solve them really does encourage those involved to flex their “mind muscles,” De La Torre said. She hopes to see leaders born out of these situations.

Activities De La Torre is excited to share with the student body include reading short mystery stories — which include Agatha Christie’s short stories and excerpts from Arthur Conan Doyle and G.K. Chesterton — or playing “Mafia” over splendidly baked muffins — “or munchies, whatever will be there,” De La Torre chuckled.

During its first semester, the Club has hosted Monday game nights and Friday “mystery” nights. Both events have had satisfying turnouts, which De La Torre appreciates. She said she loves to see how invested people get, she loves to hear their theories and comments and she loves to see them relax and have fun.

De La Torre hopes to host a “Murder Movie Night” on Halloween weekend. There is also the possibility that a murder mystery dinner party will be held this December.

In the far future, she hopes to make the Monday and Friday meetings reoccur every week instead of the current Monday meetings twice a month and Friday meetings once a month.

The Murder Mystery Club is open to all and anyone who is interested should check out the next event, a game night Monday, Oct. 18, at 7 p.m. in the Fireside Lounge.