Students take a study break to celebrate fall

Daughters of Zion
Daughters of Zion
Photo by Melissa Longua
Members of Daughters of Zion household enjoy fellowship and the celebration of fall.


The campus took some time off from midterms Sunday afternoon to celebrate the fall in all its glory with the Fall Frenzy event on the lawn outside the JC Williams center, sponsored by Exc!te.

“Exc!te just puts on the social events throughout the semester,” said Adriana Santiago, student head of Exc!te. “For Fall Frenzy, we wanted to do a low key event because people are either still going through midterms or just finishing up midterms.”

Santiago said that the whole point of Fall Frenzy was to give students a chance to take a study break, grab a doughnut, drink some hot apple cider and relax.

“We did a Fall Fest last year too, but it was inside due to rain,” Santiago said. “Last year was more of an event while this one is a little more low-key.”

This year’s Fall Frenzy featured doughnuts, popcorn, hot apple cider and caramel apples to enjoy while students played cornhole and Kan-jam or just sat around to relax.

Photo by Melissa Longua
Sophomores Evelyn Stumphauzer and Rachel Campana participate in the bean bag toss at the Fall Frenzy.

The whole event was decorated with cornstalks, hay bales, pumpkins and other gourds. Small mason jars filled with candy corn and caramel apple suckers topped the picnic tables.

Students were able to come and go as they pleased during the event, a big part of the whole low-key idea that Exc!te was going for.

Sophomore Rachel Clark was excited to come to the event because she met all of her friends at the same time last year.

“We went to the Marian-Trinity event last year at the same time and were able to carve pumpkins among other things, so we decided to come to this event this year,” Clark said.

Sophomore Erin Urness said that the event “reminds me of home. I like the whole spirit of hot cider and everything. It’s all really nice and warm, and it reminds me of home.”

Fall Frenzy
Photo by Kathleen Loesel
Freshman Zach Ross serves David Farrell popcorn at Excite’s Fall Frenzy on Sunday.