Students wind it back to the ‘80s for a night

By Jacqueline Griswold
Staff Writer

Students danced to classic ‘80s music at the Servants of the Savior household’s annual Sadie’s Hawkins dance on April 13 at 9 p.m. in the J.C. Williams Center. 

The room was decorated in red lights and old school orange and green streamers.  

SOS served sprite with the option of added cherry juice and punch. Despite the smaller crowd, most people danced to the music, and students remarked they were having a good time.  

Clare Schmelzer, a junior English major said, “Oh my goodness yes!” when asked if she was having fun. She and her friend Elizabeth Hildebrand, a sophomore history major, went as an old couple in their 80’s.  

Schmelzer said, “Well, we realized we didn’t have any ‘80s colors clothes, no neons to speak of, so my friend and I decided to go as 80’s in the ‘80s, so age 80.”  

The two friends wanted to get the five-dollar discount, so they went as a pretend old couple. They were comically given the senior discount.  

Sophia Chansky, a sophomore history major, said, “Oh it’s been very fun! My friends and I all dressed up I guess as our little family!” Chansky was also participating in the theme by playing a granddaughter.  

“It’s so much fun! The music is great!” commented Hildebrand. 

Genevieve Negri, a sophomore biology major, said, “Yes, I think that they did a good job. I love the music and we’re having a lot of fun together!”  

There was even a raffle that supported an SOS member who was doing work overseas.  

Daniel Randall, a sophomore software engineering major and a member of the SOS household, said that they’ve been doing the dance since 2001, the year that their household was founded.  

“It’s been a fun night honestly. It’s been the most fun I’ve had in a long time,” said Randall.