Swearing in kicks off Markle, McKenna tenure


Franciscan University Student Government swore in its new judicial and executive branch members during its formal meeting Sept. 4. 

President Derek Markle presented the assembled senators with candidates to fill 10 positions on the judiciary and his cabinet. The Senate unanimously approved the nominees. 

The new members are Billy Chester, chief justice; Maddie Raffa, secretary; Kelsey Scott-Avery, treasurer; Mary Bridget Dillon, internal auditor; Theresa Uhlenkott, executive assistant; Meredith Munro, public relations liaison; Kolby Renspurger, justice; Ellie McCarty, justice; Athanasius Sirilla, Austrian Ambassador; and Justyna Smykowska, Austrian Consul. 

Markle then swore in Chester, who proceeded to swear in the rest of the justices and cabinet members. 

The Senate also passed Fall Bill #9, which allocated $150 to Student Government to fund a university shuttle for the upcoming First Friday on Fourth event. According to the bill, the shuttles will run from 6-11 p.m. 

Fall Bill #10 was a reallocation of $309.18 to Markle for his out-of-pocket contribution for the Sundae for Your Sunday on Aug. 25. The amount was originally $312.49, but Markle informed the Senate that he was ineligible to be reimbursed for the tax collected, which totaled $3.31. The Senate voted to amend the bill and subtract that amount before passing the bill.  

After the bills passed, Markle said he was excited to begin the new year and to work with the government members to serve students. On a more serious note, he said that Student Government would need to be more conscientious of its spending habits in the new year.  

“We did a lot of good last year,” Markle said, “but we ate a lot of it  we spent $31,000 last semester and only have $14,000 left in contingency.” 

In previous years, Student Government received $40,000 per semester to fund clubs and other expenses but will only receive $32,000 this semester. The loss of $8,000 in funding is due to eight sports clubs now receiving funding from the Athletic Department instead of from Student Government.  

To make up for it, Markle said, clubs will be expected to do more fundraising to cover more of their own expenses.  

Markle also announced the departure of sophomore Patrick Senour, who was absent, from the Senate and said a new election will be held soon for the spot vacated by Senour 

Chester said that an election will be held on Monday to fill the freshmen vacancies in the Senate and that an email would be sent out on Wednesday night with more information. 

Student Government will next meet on Sept. 11 at 11 a.m. in the St. Leo Room. 

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