Swing dancing tradition continues under new leadership


The campus tradition of swing dancing kicked off under the coordination of Fiat Sanctae Familiae household on Sunday, Oct. 12.

After ten years of being led by Brothers of the Eternal Song, the popular campus activity continues through the initiative of senior Hannah Glaser.

The transition in leadership started a couple weeks into the school year when Glaser noticed that Sunday nights in the J.C. Williams center were no longer filled with dancers. Concerned, she investigated the situation further.

Upon contacting the Brothers’ coordinator, Glaser found that they no longer had enough guys to help with dancing every week and that they were looking for a new household to be in charge. Glaser immediately volunteered her household as she was happy to salvage something that had been important to her throughout her time at Franciscan.

“I think swing dancing is important because it brings out that Franciscan tradition,” said Glaser.

No matter how much knowledge of the dance a student has, anyone is welcome to join in on the Sunday night excitement.

Glaser commented on her first time dancing saying, “I came in as a freshman not knowing how to swing dance whatsoever. So for people who don’t know how, you learn a lot … eventually you pick it up.”

Whether it’s to learn a new skill or to show off years of experience, everyone is invited to partake in this fun campus tradition every Sunday night at 10:30 in the Gallery.

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