Talent show showcases musical skill, sparks laughter

Photo by Andrea Beganskas

Veronica Novotny

Assistant Editor

Students performed 13 acts involving musical performance, dancing and martial arts for a crowded and energetic Finnegan Fieldhouse at the annual Franciscan University of Steubenville Talent Show, Saturday 8 p.m.

Junior Margaret McKee and junior Jack Briggs emceed the night, telling jokes and introducing each act. One of their ongoing jokes involved senior Faustina Habisohn’s distinctive laugh.

The Priestly Discernment Program began the evening with its traditional “People Doing Parodies” skit, this year a parody on the Irish tune “Early in the Morning,” singing, “Praying the rosary, that’s what we do in the PDP, early in the morning.”

Sophomore Miguel Diaz sang “Perfect Symphony” by Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli, and dedicated his performance to his girlfriend. Half of the audience pulled out phone flashlights during the first verse and cheered wildly when Diaz jumped off the stage and walked down the aisle to his girlfriend’s seat, singing directly to her.

Freshman Andres Donovan said that Diaz’s performance was “the epitome of manhood.”

Several acts involved dance and bodily movement. Franciscan’s Irish Dance Club performed “2020 in Dance,” an interpretation of the year through songs such as “Can’t Touch This” and the use of silk scarves that kept the dancers separated.

Senior Aileen Casillas danced to “Napoleon Dynamite” to cheers and applause.

The Kung Fools performed a martial arts demonstration and senior Anna Gontis sang Bing Crosby’s “Moonlight Becomes You,” acapella.

Other acts included two original songs on the ukulele, an original ballad on the piano, a violin performance and two singer-songwriter covers with guitar accompaniment.

Junior Elizabeth Connair said, “Miguel (Diaz)’s performance to his girlfriend was adorable. We were all rooting for him.”

Junior Veronica Eckhart said, “I was shook by the Irish dancers. They were so good, like they stayed on beat so well. I could never have done that.”

The talent show was hosted by Exc!te. Usually held during homecoming weekend, the talent show was moved to the second weekend of October in order to allow more students to attend, said Ben Miller, Exc!te’s vice president of publicity.