Teaching Writing As a Process – Contribution by Dr. M.A. Sunyoger

Photo provided by: Dr. M.A. Sunyoger

Franciscan University of Steubenville students from Mary Ann Sunyoger’s ENG 328 class, Teaching Writing As a Process, visited the students at Bishop John King Mussio Junior High in December 2018. Every fall semester, Sunyoger, who holds a doctorate in English education and writing literacy, engineers a partnership between students in this course and a Steubenville area school. Most of the students taking the course are future teachers and the rest of the students taking the course are English majors with a writing concentration. The purpose of this partnership is to work through journaling with local students so that they may experience an additional opportunity to become more fluid and confident as writers. Franciscan students apply the theory learned in the class through its practice. They closed the semester with a festive get-together that occurred at John King Mussio Junior High. The teacher of the eight-grade students is Mrs. Susan Fischer.

Contributed by Dr. M.A. Sunyoger.