The humanity within a story: “The Chosen” review

By Sarah Wandor
Movie Critic

Many of us know the Gospels like the back of our hand. We remember the stories, the miracles, the people; we have heard from these books of the Bible so many times that they can seem dry. Yet despite this, the television series “The Chosen” brings to life stories that have been told thousands of times and manages to leave its audience on edge, wanting to know what happens next even though they already do.

One way this is done is through good character writing. Characters within the story of Jesus’ life are given distinct personalities and backgrounds that make them more than a name on a page.

These individuals seem so human throughout the show. We see their struggles: their joy, pain, and laughter. They are shown at some of their lowest points as well as in moments of growth. An entire episode is dedicated to seeing the Apostles have a conversation that escalates into an argument. It shows an incredible amount of character.

The portrayal of the Apostles’ internal struggles and attempts to get along and look past each others differences makes them so human and relatable.

These struggles reflect questions that we ourselves have asked God. The creators of “The Chosen” continually make the individual characters in the show so relatable, broken, and human.

This becomes incredibly key with the portrayal of Jesus. We have seen His divinity in almost every other film, but “The Chosen” shows a side of Jesus we have never seen before. He is approachable, full of jokes and laughter, deeply loving and fully human.

Viewers get to watch Jesus interact with others, teach and perform miracles and you can’t help but be drawn to him. This plays a major role in the show’s ability to captivate and touch hearts.

As you watch, you wonder who wouldn’t want to be friends with Jesus. You see the look in His eyes when He speaks and you can hear in your own heart what He says to the characters on the screen. In a way, you are re-invited to accept His words.

One look, one word is all it takes to see the immense love He has for every person He talks to, every person He heals. Jesus is so beautifully and lovingly portrayed in both His humanity and His divinity.

So many creators only highlight the divinity of Jesus and the holiness of the Apostles, but when you are telling someone’s story, you have to let their humanity show. This is what “The Chosen” succeeds at in spades.

“The Chosen” does a wonderful job of showing a depth of humanity that draws you in right away. It is beautiful beyond words.

With all that said, there are countless other aspects which “The Chosen” excels in and if you haven’t already, I encourage you to watch it and discover them for yourself.