The Rev. Don Calloway returns to campus to stress the strength of the rosary as a spiritual sword


Photo by Celine Santschi
Photo by Celine Santschi

World-renowned speaker and author the Rev. Don Calloway, M.I.C heralded the rosary as a weapon of great protection on the night of Nov. 19 in Christ the King Chapel.

Calloway, author of the book “Champions of the Rosary: The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon,” packed the chapel for his talk on the rosary as a spiritual sword. He explained the power of the rosary in defeating evil and outlined the history of the great battle the devil has waged against it.

Holding up a rosary in front of the crowd of Franciscan University students and guests, he asked, “What damage could you do with this thing?”

His answer: a lot.

Calloway said that the rosary is the culmination of the Biblical story of the woman and her offspring crushing the serpent. He stressed that contrary to modern belief, the rosary is not a human invention, but the work of a “divine blacksmith” creating a weapon for the woman and all her children.

“That woman, with that weapon, will crush you if you’re against the truth,” said Calloway. “She will unsheathe it and give it to warriors.”

He also said that it is a great means of protection. Calloway gave examples of miracles connected to devotion to the rosary, from overcoming terrorists in Nigeria to protection from serial killers in America.

Because of this power, explained Calloway, the devil has tried to destroy devotion to the rosary throughout history. He said that from the beginning, when Our Lady gave the rosary to Saint Dominic, the devil has waged a war.

In answer to these attacks, the Church has been “sharpening the blade” of her spiritual sword, most recently in the addition of the Luminous Mysteries, according to Calloway. In answer to modern threats to the faith, God “gives the world a light saber,” he said.

He concluded by inviting the audience to join him in praying the third Luminous Mystery for the conversion of hearts.

“I loved his fire and spirit,” said graduate student Roddy Griffin. “You could definitely sense that he believes what he’s saying and he lives it, and he was unapologetic about the faith.”

Griffin also said that he appreciated seeing Calloway acting as a masculine witness to the rosary. He said, “It’s great to see a man, a priest, who’s that passionate about saying the rosary.”

Freshman Chris Hober was struck by the number of students in attendance. He said, “It was great seeing everybody there, knowing people want to learn more about the rosary and grow in their faith.”