Theotokos dance goes totally in for togas

By Catriona Fahey
Staff Writer

The J.C. William’s Center atrium looked like an ancient Greek forum during the Theotoga Dance Party hosted by the women’s household Theotokos on Sept. 10 at 9 p.m.

For the theme of the dance, household members and visitors took inspiration from the household’s name, changing “Theotokos” to “The Toga” for a toga-themed party.

Although togas were not required, many students enthusiastically embraced the theme. A variety of togas could be seen at the dance, creatively constructed from sheets, scarves, towels and even shirts.

The dance was part of a series of Franciscan University dances that will take place this fall semester. Each dance is hosted by one of Franciscan’s many households and serves as a fundraiser for that specific household.

The Theotoga dance was preceded on Sept. 9 by the Sail the Seas dance, hosted by the men’s household Martyres Regis.

The Theotoga Dance served to fundraise money for the Theotokos. The Theotokos household takes its name from a Greek title for Mary, translating as “God-bearer,” and it is this aspect of the Blessed Mother that the household seeks especially to embody.

“We want to carry Jesus and His joy to everyone,” said senior Zykeria King, who serves as coordinator of the household.

The household season officially commenced with the Household Life Mass on Sept. 9. Since then, Theotokos has opened up its period for intenting, allowing students interested in joining to begin the exciting process of becoming a Theotokos member.

The next Franciscan household dance will take place at 8 p.m. on Sept. 16, again at the J.C. William’s Center, and it will be hosted by the men’s household Disciples of the Word.