This Is Your Time



Dear Students,

Welcome back to another school year. On a more serious note, welcome to the beginning of the most important election season of our lifetime.

The upcoming 2016 election will have a huge impact on this country, and the actions we engage in right now to elect someone of truth and integrity are invaluably important.

Margaret Thatcher once said that she was “not content to manage the decline of a great nation.”

You should not be content to stand by and watch the decline of the greatest nation on earth.

Whether you are someone who is a “political junkie” or the person who has never given much thought to an election, now is the time to educate yourself and get involved in the process. Our country is in a very critical place, and your involvement, no matter how small, could make the biggest difference.

Not all that long ago, the pilgrims left their homeland and came to this land to create a society where all could live in freedom, away from the government’s micromanagement and dictatorship. Sadly, our country has become practically identical with what prompted the pilgrims to flee, maybe even worse.

America is losing her freedoms because we have enabled politicians who would rather win their next election than do what is morally right. Even worse, we, the people, have let our freedoms be slowly taken away without a fight. We have decided that political correctness and coexistence is more important than protecting our constitutional rights.

If you love freedom and the values that set America apart from every single other nation, do everything in your power to help elect a person who loves this country and is determined to keep it a land of freedom and opportunity.

Research the candidates. Don’t solely rely on what the media or friends may say. Become a campaign activist. While social media activism is invaluable, do more than share a quote on Facebook every two months.

Pound the pavement. Knock on doors. Learn from all of the trying campaign commercials rather then shutting down and retreating into your own little world.

Last but not least, please vote. Our brothers and sisters, husbands, wives and friends did not pay for our freedoms in blood for them not to be used.

The road ahead is long. However, if we do not take responsibility and repair it, there will be no way back.

Do not be content to stand by and watch the death of the greatest nation on earth. This is your time.