TPUSA Hosts Christian Movie Night

By Lauren Hunter
Staff Writer

Turning Point USA hosted a Christian movie night and a Keurig raffle on Feb. 6 at 7 p.m. in the Gentile Gallery. 

The movie that was chosen for this event was supposed to be “Sound of Freedom”, however, due to copyright reasons, the movie has been postponed for a future date. 

The feature that was shown instead was also by the company Angel Studios, one may recognize as the company that makes “The Chosen”. 

The movie was called “Testament: The Parables Retold” and it followed St. Luke in a modern, apocalyptic retelling of the book, “Acts of the Apostles”. Set in an unspecified city, Luke was fleeing from the Temple Guard by himself after St. Paul was arrested. 

Along the way, Luke met some of the original twelve apostles, as well as other disciples of Jesus, who were also fleeing the Temple Guard. Luke, compiling stories to write an account of Jesus’s life, was told many parables for him to record. 

The movie took one into the parables themselves and presented twists on the parables that made them more tangible to one’s own present-day life. 

Throughout the showing, people screamed at the jump scares, gasped at the twists and turns, and covered their faces during tense scenes. 

After the movie, TPUSA hosted a raffle for a new Keurig. The raffle only extended to those that were present for the movie. 

All of the names were put in an electronic name picker and was randomly selected. Once the raffle was over, the TPUSA team thanked everyone for coming and one was then free to leave.