Trinity and Marian Halls team up for annual pig roast


A late October evening was filled with music, laughter and joy as Franciscan University students gathered together to partake in the Trinity and Marian Resident Halls’ Annual pig-roast last Saturday.

Every year during the fall semester, brother-sister dorms Trinity and Marian Hall Councils co-organize the pig-roast for students, who are exhausted from taking midterms and writing papers, for an evening of fun and socialization.

The preparation for the pig-roast started at least a month in advance and required a high level of communication and co-operation between the two hall councils.

Fall decorations adorned the courtyard between Trinity and Marian Hall and live music played throughout the evening. Franciscan students sat around a bonfire to socialize after a long week of school. Some of them challenged their friends to a game of corn-hole. On one side of the courtyard, the aroma of pulled-pork and pumpkin pies attracted all those who were hungry.

“I think it is safe to say that it was a huge success,” said John Brodeur, who is the resident director of the Trinity Hall and supervised the organizing of the pig-roast.

Sarah Campos, a freshman living in Marian Hall who experienced the Pig-Roast for the first time said, “It was so much fun and a wonderful evening.”

In addition to food, there was a pumpkin carving contest, prayer chain, games and drawing with chalk on the concrete wall between Trinity and Marian Halls.

Some musicians from Franciscan University came to provide the audience with melodies. Elijah Simon, a pianist and singer who performed at the talent show earlier this semester, once again left a deep impression in students’ hearts with his music.

RoCa, an independent music group formed by two In His Image household brothers, James Roman and Nicholas Cabrera, also enlivened the night by sharing their talent. Even the men’s a cappella group, Revelations, amazed the audience with their performance.

By the end of the night, music for an impromptu swing dance was provided, and students showed no hesitation in joining in.

Ali Wulf, resident director of Marian Hall, said, “It was my first year, so I was a bit nervous, but everything went well without any accident or mishap and I am thankful.”