Trinity trivia night sparks friendly competition


A trivia night hosted in Trinity Hall on Thursday tested students’ knowledge of sports, travel and more.

Dozens of men and women gathered in the hall lobby at 9 p.m. for snacks and a good game. The event was planned and hosted by Bob Bernard, a junior resident assistant in Trinity.

Bernard read the questions one by one as attendees snacked on Cheetos and root beer. The game consisted of thirty questions covering a broad range of topics, allowing participants to show off their smarts in various areas of expertise.

Groups of friends assembled into a handful of teams, and the room was noisy as they jokingly mocked their competition and debated questions amongst themselves, including:

“Where is the sea of tranquility?”

“Who invented the radio?”

“Which baseball team has won the World Series the most times?”

“What’s the world’s longest river?”

The winning team ended up answering 24 out of the 30 questions correctly; it consisted of junior Brookelynne Schnurpel, sophomore Athanasius Sirilla, sophomore Clement Harrold, sophomore Mary Brogan, and sophomore Justin Moon. They received 12 gift cards to Cupertino’s Café as a prize, which they split amongst themselves.

The event was an obvious success, as Bernard admitted that he was not prepared for the large numbers that participated. Laughs filled the room as teams crammed around small tables both struggled to answer questions and later cheered at their victories.

There will be another trivia night held next month, this one put on by the university’s Works of Mercy. It will be held Nov. 7 at 9 p.m. in the Gentile Gallery.