Tropical coffeehouse offers tasty treats, catchy tunes


Photo by: Rachael Alexander

Palm trees and Hawaiian shirts juxtaposed the frigid fall temperature at the Fishers of Men “Season Swap” coffeehouse the night of Nov. 15 in the J.C. Williams Center. 

The atrium was decorated to be summer reminiscent with brightly colored streamers, candles and even a tiki doll. Members of the hosting Fishers of Men household wore short-sleeved clothes and sunglasses.  

Casual performances by volunteer musicians began at 8 p.m. on a stage overlooking the coffeehouse’s tables. Senior Patrick McCarthy was the master of ceremonies, reminding attendants to “get comfortable” and enjoy the refreshments. 

The first performer of the night sang an Irish love song and an Australian song commemorating a battle. Other acts included covers of Weird Al Yankovic’s “Yoda,” Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Loved” and Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me.” Several singer-songwriters performed original music, and some Fishers of Men intents also graced the stage. 

A trio introduced as K.S.H. performed a parody of “The Sound of Silence” regarding Parkhurst Dining, eliciting plenty of laughter from listeners. Afterwards, a celloist played songs from Star Wars and Jurassic Park, as requested by the audience. 

The show also featured an appearance from the Rev. Dennis Gang, TOR, who sang songs about his conversion exactly 50 years ago. 

The performances concluded with all of the Fishers of Men singing together in unison, closing the night with enthusiasm and brotherhood.  

Fishers’ household coordinator, senior Christopher Mancini, said the night “was a big success.” 

“It’s about the community and showcasing some great talent that the university has,” said Mancini, who explained that this is the third year for the coffeehouse. “We always get a lot of people, … and there’s always a few surprises that you’re not expecting.” 

Recalling the event, attendee and first year graduate student Alicia Libetti said, “I really liked it when Father Denny was there — that was adorable.”  

“The performances were all very passionate and entertaining,” said freshman Joey Casey. 

Freshman Ben Kruczek agreed with Casey, praising the Parkhurst song and its performers. “It was not only humorous but incredibly well done,” said Kruczek. 

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