Volleyball loses to Geneva College in last home match of season

Photo by Ben Rose-Fish

Shanice Kirabo
Staff Writer

The Lady Barons volleyball team lost their last home game of the season 3-1 against the Geneva College Golden Tornadoes Thursday at 7 p.m.

In the first set, senior outside hitter Renee Antonelli made the first score of the game for the Lady Barons.

Senior setter Emily Nutter, freshman middle hitter Lucy Pridemore and freshman libero Sara Moore — nicknamed “Ninja” for her clean, cut-throat defensive dives — kept the Barons ahead 9-6 in the first half of the set.

Owing to the kills made by Antonelli and freshman right side Brynn Jacobson, the Lady Barons weathered the Golden Tornadoes’ storm and won the first set 25-21.

In the second set, the Golden Tornadoes took a strong lead at 11-5. The set mostly consisted of penalties for both sides, with not much kill action. Instead, there were several consecutive errors, net touches and double touches, especially for the Lady Barons.

In spite of a notable block from senior middle hitter Maria Bosco, the many penalties cost the Lady Barons the second set, with the final score being 25-12.

Despite the turn of events in the last set, the Lady Barons took the lead in the third set at 5-1. The defense by the Lady Barons was increased this set, as stated by a member of the crowd when they saw Moore’s “suicide ninja dives” to keep the volley going.

Jacobson recovered possession of the ball for the Lady Barons after a losing streak that brought the score to 20-18, favoring the Golden Tornadoes. However, the Golden Tornadoes whisked away the victory at 25-19.

Despite taking loss after loss in the last two sets, the Lady Barons took an early lead in the fourth set at 9-4. Both Moore and Antonelli contributed to the score, bringing it to 12-9 for the Lady Barons.

The Lady Barons were in the lead 20-17, with the Golden Tornadoes kept behind by their errors. A relatively new face to the lineup, freshman right side Meghan Hickey assisted Antonelli with a block, which got the Barons to 22-19.

When the Golden Tornadoes caught up in the score and reached set point, the Lady Barons kept the volley going. Set point alternated constantly between the Golden Tornadoes and the Lady Barons until the Golden Tornadoes overcame and won with a final score of 30-28.

Tears were shed by the Lady Barons, and comments were shared by the crowd concerning the legitimacy of the referee’s calls.

Jordan Barton, head volleyball coach, said she was proud of her girls especially since their hustle was evident and they refused to give up even to the very end.

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