Wild Goose screening enlightens students on power of Holy Spirit


Residents of Sts. Kolbe and Clare Halls gathered in the second floor lobby of their building on Oct. 2 to view the beginning of a video series on the Holy Spirit by the Rev. Dave Pivonka, TOR, a leading expert on the Catholic charismatic movement.

Over a dozen students watched the first three segments of the 14-part Wild Goose series, drawing others to the scene with excited cries of “I love Fr. Dave!” and “This is such a good series.”

In his video series, Pivonka stressed the greatness of God’s love and his desire to give each of his people a powerful experience of that love.

The Holy Spirit breathes his peace over his people amid the fear and suffering that so often pervade their lives, according to the videos. The book of Ezekiel speaks of breathing new life into dry bones; Pivonka said that when he was baptized in the Holy Spirit, his entire life changed as he realized that “God wants to breathe life into the dry bones of my heart.”

Pivonka said that baptism in the Spirit entails a new movement of the grace given in the sacrament of baptism, allowing an individual to access the grace, power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The video series includes witnesses from over a dozen men and women who have experienced the Holy Spirit move powerfully in their lives, including former Franciscan University president Rev. Michael Scanlan, TOR. Scanlan said in the series, “You can’t just put the Spirit in a box (because) the Spirit will come forth in power … How can we say no to true love when it’s personal for us?”

According to the series, the love of God is intensely personal and is offered to each person in a new way. The Holy Spirit always comes to a soul in fresh and unique ways. He breathes new life into the “dark, stagnant, trapped (and) cold” tomb of life, Pivonka says.

Kolbe/Clare resident assistant Michael O’Connor hosted the program, saying, “My motivation has been a radical and lasting change in my life after experiencing the Holy Spirit, and a desire to spread information and practical tips for others” to go deeper in their own prayer lives. O’Connor described the series as “absolutely incredible (and) absolutely phenomenal.”

Freshman Carly Newman enjoyed the motivational aspect of the videos and appreciated having an opportunity to view the series with her residence hall. Newman said, “It was nice to sit down and relax and be able to watch empowering and motivating talks with friends.”

Pivonka’s Wild Goose series is available to watch online at www.thewildgooseisloose.com.

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