Wintery social wins hearts of hot chocolate lovers


Photo by: Isaac Iniguez

Students took a break from homework to socialize and get in the holiday spirit with hot cocoa and jazz in the J.C. Williams Center Wednesday, Nov. 20. 

Christmas was in the air at Heiße Schokolade, Exc!te’s hot cocoa social of the semester. Jazz-style Christmas music filled the space as students waited in line to get their hot chocolate.  

Exc!te team members set up the hot chocolate bar, so students could load up their hot chocolate with as many marshmallows or as much whipped cream as their hearts desired.  

Students who got there a little earlier than the rest received free T-shirts commemorating the event, but everyone was able to enjoy the cookies, chocolates and candy canes served alongside the hot drinks. 

Some strayed from the hot chocolate station to enjoy the live Christmas music played by Mark Miravalle, a theology professor on campus, and his jazz band. Other students lingered around the hot chocolate table and chatted with friends, enjoying the push to enter into the spirit of the upcoming Christmas season which the event provided 

“Hot chocolate was just the thing I needed to get into the spirit of the season,” said Christina Pugh, junior. “The music was delightful, and the sweets at the end were a nice addition.” 

“It was fun seeing how there was a hot cocoa bar and we could add stuff like marshmallows and whipped cream,” said Natalia Rodriguez, freshman. “It was also very nice to have the jazz in the background and get a free shirt.”