Women’s Basketball Team fights hard against Westminster in their senior game

By Grace Ostuni
Staff Writer

The Franciscan University women’s basketball lost to the Westminster Titans 58-41 at a home game Saturday Feb. 11 at 4:00 p.m.

This was the Barons’ senior game and while they did not have senior players to honor, they were excited to honor Savannah Pawley, the director of basketball operations. The Barons also honored three seniors on Westminster’s team with roses.

The Titans stole took the possession of the tipoff, but the Barons got the first points of the game with rebound by sophomore guard Felicia MacGillivray followed by a layup by sophomore center Madison Doan.

The Baron’s defensive rebounds were fierce. The team kept fighting, refusing to back down to Westminster’s early lead. The team worked well together, making good passing leading to numerous assists and rebounds.

The first half score was 28 – 18 with Titans leading after a series of quick layups at the 6-minute mark.

The third quarter saw two free throws by freshman guard Kylie Panizza, and soon after a shot by freshman guard Emma Clow. The Barons’ defense was tight, but the Titans found ways to poke through and continue the back-and-forth scoring. At the end of the third quarter, the Titans led 39-24.

The fourth quarter featured both teams’ offensive capabilities, but the Baron’s best offensive quarter was matched by the Titans. Doan and sophomore guard Jazzlyn Melnyk gave their all during the quarter, combining for 13 of the Barons’ 17 points. The Westminster Titans won the game 58-41.

“We battled well. The offensive rebounds killed us, but we did a lot of good things, and it was great to honor Savannah today. It was a great game, but we have to get better for next game,” said Sean Kirk, head coach.