Women’s Ministry encourages ladies in loneliness


Photo by: Elizabeth Wagner

Several dozen young ladies gathered to hear about the importance of prayer in being a good friend in an evening entitled “Fighting Loneliness: Comfort vs. Courage” at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 27 in the Gentile Gallery.

Franciscan University of Steubenville’s Women’s Ministry welcomed Sarah Harmon, assistant director of student success and Austrian enrollment, to speak from her own experience with loneliness in the university setting.

Harmon, who spent five years working at Franciscan’s study abroad campus in Gaming, Austria, said that her time in Austria brought her to a place of prayer where she asked God for a “bosom friend.”

Harmon said that for every semester after that prayer, she always had at least one friend in her life with whom she naturally connected. Harmon said that in those relationships, “there’s a special giftedness.”

“(That experience) taught me that he’s there,” Harmon said, and that God is “overflowing with goodness.”

Photo by: Elizabeth Wagner

Harmon said that one of the best ways for a woman to grow in life-giving friendships is to be unafraid to reach out to other women.

Sophomore Allie Young appreciated that Harmon drew on her own experiences rather than merely teaching about loneliness. Young said, “She put a different emphasis on taking our friendships to prayer … and recognizing that he’s the giver, that he’s the true first friend.”

After Harmon’s talk, sophomore core team member Grace York gave a brief presentation on competition, jealousy and their effects on loneliness.

All the women present laughed as York pulled out a cheese grater and spaghetti scoop to demonstrate the mindset of comparison.

According to York’s analogy, if someone used the cheese grater to scoop spaghetti, the cheese grater would seem completely useless despite its unique ability to grate cheese.

York said that if a human person does the same thing, “You’re not only belittling the (other woman’s) great talent, but you’re disregarding yours.”

The night included time for small group discussion and ended with praise and worship.

Senior core team member Emma Greathouse, who planned the event, said that she was grateful to have the opportunity to help her fellow students in their struggle with loneliness.

Women’s Ministry invites all young women to attend its next event on March 6 at 7:30 p.m. in the Gentile Gallery. More information on all that this semester has in store can be found on the FUS Women’s Ministry pages on Facebook and Instagram.